Struan Stott

I have two years previous teaching experience. I have taught absolute beginners along with more experienced drummers working on grade 6 material. I put four of my former pupils through their LCM grade 1 and 2 exams.

Teaching the drum kit has taught me a lot about how to interact with different people and how you need to adapt your teaching style to suit their needs. It has definitely been the most rewarding and fun jobs I’ve ever had!

I have been playing drums for roughly 12 years, I have a distinction in LCM grade 8 and a Bachelors Degree in Music Performance from Hull College.

I enjoy listening and jamming to many different styles of music. I have played traditional Scottish music with the Cairngorm Ceilidh Trail as well as Ska/Rock/Funk/Pop in various bands with friends over the years. Currently I enjoy playing at the blues jam at the Malt Mill and have recently recorded an EP at Chamber Studios in Edinburgh with my band AXIOM.