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I was brought up near Echt, Aberdeenshire, in a musical family. Even the sewing machine was a singer,and the kettle was always whistling.

I started teaching the Five String Banjo at Chalmers Mackay School of Music in 2001,covering Traditional Bluegrass,and Clawhammer styles. This is a relaxed class with no worries about learning grades,although a high standard of proficiency can be achieved.
I didn’t have an instrument till the age of 18, when I heard the tune ‘Foggy Mountain Breakdown’ (look it up!) and I just had to get a banjo. I practiced for hours (like the book said!) and before long I formed a band.
Since then I have played in lots of bands in all corners of the country,whilst meeting some of my favourite players,often ‘borrowing’ from their experience and I am happy I can pass on all the styles and tunes I learned.
The Five String Banjo is a serious instrument but packed full of fun,and the popularity of acoustic music has led to renewed interest in instruments like this.
Apart from being the butt of cruel jokes(counselling is included in fee)the sound of the Banjo will bring a smile on anyone’s face.
I would also like to introduce my instrument building/repair service I have established over many years. This covers all stringed instruments, in all aspects of repair and set up,including damage, and re-stringing.
I can also supply instruments such as guitar, banjo,mandolin and violin, properly set up for student level upwards.