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After studying Music Education at Aberdeen University, Alisdair joined us a full time music tutor. Originally from Falkirk, Alisdair’s career has had a massive wing span of opportunities and he’s very glad to be bringing these experiences to the music school.

He has been with the music school for many years not just as a tutor but as a student studying piano under the guidance of Ruby.

Alisdair studied voice under the guidance of John Dallas (Falkirk) and Kate Hughes (Aberdeen). Alisdair’s main specialty in singing is Musical Theatre where he has gained a Diploma from London College of Music. Alisdair has performed in many amateur productions in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire as well as performing with some big names in the industry. Alisdair’s singing career started when he sung in NYCOS from the age of 8, and has grown from strength to strength vocally performing backing vocals for west end and film stars such as ‘Adam Garcia’.

Alisdair has taken masterclasses with classical singers such as Donald Maxwell and Alexander Grove.

Although Alisdair specializes in Musical Theatre, like all our tutors he has a varied range and also is trained in many other styles and instruments. He also enjoys teaching Classical, Pop and Jazz styles to singers and likes to consider himself to be appreciative of all styles of music.

Alisdair also teaches Piano to beginners and any student up to the level of around Grade 5. Alisdair began piano lessons with Ruby back in 2010 and has grown from strength to strength honing his skills on the piano to be used as an accompanist on many occasions.

When younger Alisdair also played Accordion under the influence of John Dallas who coincidentally also was his Vocal tutor in Falkirk. Alisdair studied various types of Accordion music when there including traditional Scottish, Continental and classical accordion. He likes to use many different approaches when teaching students and likes to use his influences from his past experiences to better his students.

Another skill Alisdair has, is the Electronic Keyboard. Whilst still at school, Alisdair also studied the keyboard where by the end of his 6th year he also claimed a DipLCM from the London College of Music.

Alisdair has also had many opportunities teaching and taking on positions and is currently holding a position with Giz Giz Theatre Company, Aberdeen as their Musical Director where he is starting work on their second show under his and his team mates guidance.

This year Alisdair has had many opportunities to hone is skills and enhance them, he is now fortunate enough to be the official accompanist for NYCOS Aberdeen branch which brings back many memories as a child, Choral Director for ‘Spectrum Singers’ (Kemnay), Co-Director for Chalmers Mackay Youth theatre productions along with various other exciting projects and he is loving it just like his job here at Chalmers.