Stuart Armstrong

Stuart Armstrong

Stuart has been playing drums for nearly 20 years. His qualifications are Lcm Grade 8 in Drum kit and Percussion and a DipMusT in teaching. He is originally experienced in pipe band drumming, competing at Scottish, British, European and World championships before starting on the drum kit. Stuart also took up percussion including marimba and timpani, passing his Grade eight with distinction LCM. He plays in The Graham Geddes function band at weekends, playing weddings and functions all round Scotland. He is experienced in playing for pantomime and shows at both Art Centre and HMT.

Stuart enjoys working with young people and in his earlier teaching days taught at several youth projects and the Give Kids a Chance project. His teaching style is relaxed but structured, giving the pupils a comfortable learning environment for their instrument. He also encourages strongly that the pupil takes control of their learning and decide on which path in the instrument they want to take, aiding them along with this.

His musical interests are very varied including rock music such as Muse, Foo Fighters, Greenday and The Killers and styles such as 60s, 70s and 80s music. Stuart enjoys also playing many different styles such as jazz and swing music. Stuart is one of the tutors who helped the Bands Programme on alternate Sundays.